On Wednesday 19th June, BouMatic successfully completed their first training for milking experts in the Netherlands. This 2 year training ended with an exam, the handover of a certificate and a nice dinner with all the team.

Succesful first session

On Wednesday 19th June, BouMatic completed their first training for milking experts in the Netherlands.
The content of this Dealer Training was divided into different subjects:

  • Understanding of the milking process
  • Avoiding milking problems
  • Solving milking problems
  • Milking comfort optimization
  • Udder hygiene and optimal preparation routine
  • Earning trust from Customers

The training focused on the exact observation of the milking process : measuring and recording the milking process with the VaDia measuring instrument and reading the herd management milking reports. The analysis of these basic data could be used to implement improvements with our customers. The goal is also for the milking experts to offer their customers an added value in the field of milk harvest.

Each dealer had one or two participants. Each participant made a case study based on a test farm which was observed during a period of two years to learn how to translate theory into practice.

It was very interesting to accompany the participants and become infected by their enthusiasm during the training with the motto: You can always do better !

A big thank you to Jürgen, Jorian, Kees and Jan for the wonderful cooperation and the instructive time and a special thanks to Günter Korthauer for making this training possible and for all his support in the organization.