Herman joined Strangko exactly 40 years ago, on February 1st, 1982. In this connection he has travelled almost the whole world, doing installation and technical support of Strangko/BouMatics products at the customers farms.

Furthermore, Herman has, with his enormous knowledge about Strangko/BouMatics products, made a great contribution at exhibitions, and has also taken very well care of costumers from around the world, showing them Danish farms with Strangko/BouMatics products installed, when they have been visiting Denmark.

By his colleagues, Herman is known for his huge product knowledge, his well-developed abilities to find creative and usable solutions, of the challenges he has met in his job, through his career at Strangko/BouMatic. He is also known as very easygoing and likeable, and with a great sense of humor.

Within the last 10 year his job has been more and more inhouse at BouMatics site in Horne and later Skjern, rather than at the farms worldwide.

We thank Herman for his dedication and wish him lots of success and job satisfaction for the rest of his career with BouMatic