Improved cow traffic and excellent cow comfort combined

The SmartWay 90 is a 90° parallel milking system with an innovative rapid exit system, combining the performance and technology of two different BouMatic exit systems: the rotating exit reel (Xpressway parlour) and the vertical lift exit (Xcalibur 90LX parlour). Its major advantage is a remarkably improved cow throughput because unloading times are obviously reduced.

It is the stress-free entry and exit concept that improves the cow throughput. At the end of milking, the operator simply pushes a button to lift the total front rail to its top position, allowing the cows to exit quickly with an open view. The cows have a large and open exiting space since all sequence gates are mounted directly onto the lifting front rail and, apart from the main support posts, no obstructing ground-mounted posts are in their way. Besides, hesitating cows are gently pushed out when the front rail with sequence gates comes back down and rotates gently into position to load the next cows.

Another great advantage of the SmartWay 90 is the enlarged 29-inch spacing between sequence gates. The cows are placed individually in a perfectly straight position and even the current large breeds move comfortably in this new parlour. On top of that, each stall position is enhanced with shoulder bumpers for the cows’ well-being. Finally, after milking, the sequence gates come back into position silently due to their weight, without the traditional spring mechanism. This also reduces annoying noise during the milking process.

The SmartWay 90’s upper cabinet has an optimized and smaller design, giving the operator a good overall view and an ultimate udder access. He has more head space and stands in an ergonomically perfect, straight position, close to the cow. Besides, the TouchPoint parlour displays are within easy reach.

The ruggedly built, air operated and secured SmartWay 90 parlour comes in galvanized steel, ensuring a long-lasting durability. It will be available at the end of spring 2017 throughout BouMatic’s European dealer network.