BouMatic, a pioneer in dairy technology, proudly introduces its latest feeding offering. Comprising three innovative products—the Butler Gold Pro feed pusher, Shuttle Eco feeding robot, and FlyPit bedding robot—this comprehensive range is today a full range of feeding systems, which goes from the silo to the trough. BouMatic is thrilled to expand its offering thanks to his latest partnership sealed with the Austrian company Wasserbauer, a well-known and experienced player in the industry. Both companies unite their respective strengths and know-how to bring dairy farmers today’s ultimate solutions in Feeding automation.

Modern dairy farmers understand the pivotal role that factors like milking, feeding, healthcare, and manure handling play in achieving optimal milk yields. With these new feeding systems, BouMatic confirms it’s commitment to elevate the efficiency and productivity of dairy business while addressing critical ecological challenges.

Butler Gold Pro, Feed pusher

The Butler Gold Pro feed pusher employs patented auger technology to gently deliver feed to the trough, preserving freshness and quality. This not only encourages improved cow behavior and calmer barn environments but also leads to more activity at the milking robot, ultimately saving the dairyman valuable time and increasing milk production.


The Shuttle Eco, Feeding robot

This autonomously driven feeding robot is equipped with cutting-edge battery technology. It ensures the animals receive precisely measured quantities of fresh feed year-round. By feeding small quantities at regular intervals, the natural feeding behavior of the animals is encouraged, resulting in higher feed consumption, increased yield, and improved animal health.


The FlyPit bedding robot

The FlyPit is designed to enhance the well-being of the animals by providing a dry area to lie and improving pen hygiene. Customized to the specific needs of each pen, this innovative solution significantly reduces straw usage while elevating the overall cleanliness and comfort of the environment.


Remote control

The complete feeding offering can be operated and monitored at distance, on any device, PC, tablet or smartphone. BouMatic specialists can make optimisations at any time using a remote maintenance function and software is always kept up to date.

Feeding systems for sustainable farming

These cutting-edge feeding systems can harness green energy generated by the dairyman's solar panels or biogas systems. This means that not only are farms automated and optimized for efficiency, but they also operate on ecologically sustainable electricity. This powerful combination not only benefits the environment but also enhances the well-being of the cows, ensuring a holistic approach to modern dairy farming.

Empowering Dairy Farmers: BouMatic's commitment to optimal milk yields and animal well-being

Uwe Osthues, CCO Europe at BouMatic emphasizes: "Cows are central to the dairymen’s operation, and their well-being directly impacts milking yields. We aim to empower the modern dairy farmer with control over crucial aspects of the farm. This feeding offering is a natural extension of our product range, designed to help dairy farmers achieve their desired milk yields."

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