To round off its slurry management offering, BouMatic is launching a comprehensive manure handling range, comprised of PTO-driven and electrical pumps and mixers, phase separators and elevators.

BouMatic had already successfully introduced its own range of scrapers a few years ago. With these new additions to the product family, the company now offers a complete solution for on-farm manure handling. This is the company’s response to the growing need on the market to reduce time-consuming tasks in livestock farming, allowing better use of manure for crop fertilization and renewable energy production.

BouMatic has come up with a complete range of pumps, mixers, phase separators and composters that can be adapted to small and large structures as well as to any type of manure (pig, bovine and poultry).

The range is manufactured using wear-resistant materials, which results in a significantly longer service life compared to other brands.

Thanks to its experience in manure handling (more than 30 years), BouMatic is committed to sustainable solutions that offer the best environmental protection

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