BouMatic, a pioneer in dairy technology, proudly announces its partnership with Brolis Sensor Technology to combine efforts on integrating the Brolis in-line milk analyzer into the Gemini UP milking robot and other BouMatic milking systems. The In-line milk analyzer is part of the Brolis HerdLine concept.

The in-line milk analyzer continuously monitors fat, protein and lactose. This data will help dairy farmers to improve milk quality, detect early stages of disease and make decisions on genetic selection and feeding strategy.

“The Brolis HerdLine delivers greater control and oversight over the dairy herd,” remarked Steve Pretz, President of BouMatic. “Efficiency and sustainability of dairy farms depends on data needed to make key decisions. Partnering with Brolis, who is a cutting-edge high-tech company, allows us to be part of that decision-making process for the dairy farms working with us.”

Pretz continues: “This milk analyzer is the first of several innovations that BouMatic intends to bring to the market soon as part of the “cow side” technology movement. “These devices are critical to the development of precision farming but will also be a key element in developing cutting edge tools for the world’s largest farms. We will provide a unique value proposition to farms of all sizes.”

”We are excited to be partnering with BouMatic,” said Dominykas Vizbaras, CEO from Brolis related. “BouMatic’s longevity in the industry and their existing systems will serve to pair well with our technology.”

The partnership with BouMatic, a company with a rich history and reliable name in the dairy industry and Brolis , an advanced sensor technology developer was driven by a mutual goal to provide farmers with comprehensive solutions that increase yields, reduce costs and ensure the wellbeing of their animals.

Both family-founded companies share common values of innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to improving the agriculture industry.


Brolis Sensor Technology is a high-tech company founded by three brothers that designs and manufactures next generation mid-infrared laser sensor systems that can be used in various fields. The organization is part of the BROLIS group, which has a portfolio comprising 50+ granted and pending patents. Furthermore, BROLIS has received numerous awards for its cutting-edge solutions and innovation.

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