BouMatic continues to innovate in milking concepts for small ruminants with its new version of the milking clusters for goats and sheep: CapriMAX and OviMAX

The CapriMAX milking cluster incorporates a highly innovative milking concept featuring several patented technical solutions, including an alternative air inlet valve placed on each teat cup, as well as a system of automatic and independent valves integrated in the claw.

The alternative air inlet valve system offers perfect stability of the teat end vacuum and ensures an unrivalled milking quality notably by eliminating the phenomenon of back-spray. Combined with the absence of restriction in the cluster, the system allows the CapriMAX cluster to achieve excellent milking speed and unmatched milk flow.

The valve is washed automatically after each milking with the CapriClean jetters, allowing perfect operation of the clusters with minimal maintenance.

The two automatic and independent valves - fully integrated in the claw - allow an independent milking of each teat while maintaining an excellent milk flow. The reactivity of the valves has been improved for an even faster and more responsive attachment.

The compact, simple and robust design secures ergonomic comfort for both the milker and the animal. The claw and teat cups are made of polysulfone resin, which makes the CapriMAX light yet extremely robust.

Available in both low and high line versions, the CapriMAX cluster offers the same milking performance regardless of milking parlour configuration. The anti-milk leakage system has been improved to be more efficient and to ensure the cleanliness for all types of installations.

For ewes, the OviMAX cluster offers the same characteristics with a teat cup specifically designed for sheep milking.

BouMatic is thus positioning itself as a major player in small ruminant milking thanks to its expertise and the implementation of innovative technical solutions.

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