BouMatic proudly unveils it’s latest marvel: the XpressWay 3.0 rapid exit parallel stall. This innovative system incorporates a rotating reel concept, delivering the fastest and most efficient exit for animals on the market. The primary aim? To enhance comfort for both milkers and cows alike.

The XpressWay is a parallel milking system equipped with a rotary reel rapid exit system.

This remarkable technology boasts a pneumatical system with a hydraulic brake, setting it apart from conventional market offerings by eliminating electromagnetic fields thus ensuring a comfortable environment for the cows. In line with BouMatic's long-standing commitment to sustainability and innovation, the XpressWay distinguishes itself by its reliance on a non-electrical motor, a hallmark of the company's legacy for over 30 years. This forward-thinking approach underscores BouMatic's unwavering dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Enhanced Animal Comfort

In a bid to prioritize the well-being of the cows, the XpressWay 3.0 has been meticulously designed with widened spaces, increasing from 71 cm to 74 cm. This modification allows for more freedom of movement and expedites cow traffic. Moreover, the gates are now devoid of springs, reducing maintenance requirements and streamlining operations.

Elevated milker comfort

By leveraging an optimized design and refining the upper cabinet from the acclaimed SmartWay 90 parlour stall system, the XpressWay 3.0 guarantees superior visibility and optimal access to the udder for milkers. This ergonomic configuration empowers operators to position themselves in close proximity to the cow, ensuring comfort and efficiency in their tasks.

Discover the Xpressway 3.0

The XpressWay stands as a testament to BouMatic's relentless pursuit of excellence in dairy farming technology. Its unique combination of precision engineering, elimination of electromagnetic fields, and eco-friendly design positions it as an unparalleled offering in the market. With the XpressWay, BouMatic reaffirms its status as an industry leader, poised to revolutionize milking practices and enhance the welfare of both dairy farmers and their herds.


The XpressWay milking system is available on the market immediately through the European BouMatic dealer network.