Dairy producers today are all faced with a common decision of which robot to purchase for their operation, due to the many options available in the marketplace. BouMatic believes achieving both operational continuity and efficiency for both the herd and farmer is a priority. With over 80 years of experience in milking, BouMatic has drawn upon their vast knowledge to introduce the new dimension of robot milking: The Gemini. This newest generation milking robot is ready to empower all sizes of dairy farms worldwide.


The Gemini has numerous advantages to help dairy farmers achieve and maintain a successful, profitable operation. Such as:

  • Fast identification and monitoring of health problems with the extension of automatic inline measurement of somatic cell count
  • Best in class cow focused milking according to the BouMatic milking philosophy with an upgraded vacuum system
  • A clever hose guidance system to ensure proper hose position under the cow
  • Lower service costs supported with a custom designed service contract.
  • Extremely user-friendly software with a wealth of information and a time-of-flight camera technology for fast and accurate attachment

Specific Characteristics

The new Gemini robot comes standard as a single box robot but is also available in a double box version to milk two cows at once, which is unique in the industry. The robot is suited to fit practically every farm layout. Each farm project starts with a customized farm setup drawing to provide optimal barn-layout and solution, with:

  • A compact all-in-one unit
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • An easy-to-service integrated technical room
  • Flexible and smart 2- and 3-way selection possibilities; these options are integrated with no need for extra fencing or gates
  • Milking from behind for easy cow treatment and maximum cow focus
  • Complete pre-milking routine conforming to core BouMatic milking principles with a separate pre-milk cup as part of the milking process

Not Just a Robot but a Full Concept

Tony Spaeth, Director of Sales North America/Latin American/ Asia/ Oceania
“BouMatic prides itself on being a milking technology company. And with the Gemini we are bringing milking to a new level of efficiency and profitability. We understand that efficiency is a very important part to your farm management. The Gemini has the accurate prep and attach needed as well as the data required on both the equipment and the cow to assist you in making the right choices for your operation. Cow comfort is always at the top of our list. The Gemini is a very comfortable and safe milking environment for the cow.”

Financial clarity

Chris Peden, President of BouMatic
“Beyond our dedication to the health of the animal and to technology advancements, we are dedicated to the profitability of the milk producer. We have created a milking robot that we feel will be of great service to milk producers. We also offer financing and leasing options customized to each dairy farmer’s situation and therefore provide the best individual fit to preserve them with financial clarity.”

Moving forward with Gemini

With the introduction of the new robot, BouMatic confirms that it is constantly moving forward, as are the wishes and needs of the dairy farmer. By taking the initiative and embracing challenges, BouMatic continuously provides systems that are efficient operationally, user-friendly, profitability minded, and ever more animal friendly. BouMatic is redefining the dairy of tomorrow.

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