BouMatic new GEMINI milking robot has been named two-star news in the category stable mechanization, for a substantial new construction and capacity improvement compared to other products on the market.

GEMINI differs from other milking robots in several areas:

  • Milking takes place between the hind legs with Boumatic's ′′Double Grabber′′ which applies 2 petty cups at a time. This should relax the cow, thus encouraging her to be milked more and faster.
  • The plug and play solution has integrated technical room and does not require AMS room, so it can be placed freely in the stable.
  • BouMatic Gemini makerbot comes as either single or double box.
  • Milking is based on BouMatic milking philosophy: "Gently, Quickly and Completely".

Agromek article about BouMatic Gemini: