Our employees are always making magic happen with our products we create. And we could not be more proud of them during this difficult time.

BouMagic Hand Sanitizer

Keeping Employees Protected and Healthy

In this time of crisis, it has been important for us all to all help one another remain happy and healthy.

For BouMatic our part in this, is to continue making the products that our farmers rely on to milk their cows gently, quickly and completely.

BouMatic has done what we can to ensure our employees are staying healthy during this outbreak by distancing and wearing protective gear. Being a company that creates animal hygiene products has put us in a unique position to create special batches of hand sanitizer for our employees as it has been hard to come by during this crisis.

Our employees are always making magic happen with the products they expertly create. So, we think BouMagic is the perfect name for a product made to ensure that the magic continues to be made here at BouMatic and at farms around the world.

There are no off days on dairy farms or our dealers. And to the farmers producing the milk products we all rely on, thank you so much! You are truly an essential industry.

Eric Morel; BouMatic employee
Eric Morel; BouMatic employee

“ BouMagic ”