Utilizing NPE-Free Products on Dairy Farms

The dairy industry has thrived for generations on knowing what is best for cows, people, and the environment. Creating a valued product while preserving the land used every day is important to ensure the sustainability of the dairy industry. That is why, at BouMatic, every day is Earth Day.

We focus on products that are not only good for the dairy farm, but good for the environment. Our products are NPE-Free, meaning we avoid the use of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates in our teat dips and udder washes. The purpose of a NPE is to allow products to be used as surfactants to help liquid solutions spread and cling to other surfaces. However, NPE’s have been found to cause issues in the environment, particularly for aquatic organisms. (NMC, 2016)

Our teat dips come in sprayable, film forming and barrier forms and utilize a variety of substances to fight bacteria and promote happy, healthy udders. With teat protection in mind, our products are also economical for the dairy being extra thick and low drip, staying on the cow’s teats for hours and reducing waste. Whether teat protection or condition is your goal, there is a BouMatic product available for your cows.

BouMatic’s wide variety of teat dips are safe for the cows, the farmer, and the environment. The goal behind every one of our animal hygiene products is udder health and milk quality, while keeping dairy farms sustainable for generations to come.

For more information on Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE) and the dairy industry, visit the National Mastitis Councils website and the NMC NPE Fact Sheet.


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NPE-Free teat dips for your dairy.
NPE-Free teat dips for your dairy.