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The farm is composed of 150 dairy cows and has 220 hectares of fields, half of which is used to feed the herd.
In recent years, a new building has been built for the cows, including both the cow housing and the milking parlour, restraint and dairy part.

Benoît Gavel: “The important thing was to have a very airy building and to have very good natural ventilation, (…) to have a very comfortable sleeping space for the animals

In terms of milking, farmers opted for the Xpressway 2x10 parallel milking parlour. “We wanted to save time in milking. And therefore have a more efficient and modern tool…” explains Benoît Gavel.

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Farmers apply a milking routine for perfect teat hygiene

They pre-dip with the FoamMAX system: for simple and effortless foam cleaning of the teats. They wipe with a paper cloth and draw the first streams.

After milking, they apply a post-milking dip product, the BlueMAX with the DipMAX tool which consists of a pump, an installation kit and a gun.

"It's a pump that takes the product directly from the can and takes it to the gun. This avoids the pinching gesture which is still repeated and can cause pain after a while," says Benoît Gavel.

The two advantages of these systems noted by breeders:

  • Ergonomic quality: working comfort for milkers
  • Product gain: fewer losses during preparation

SERVICE STAR: For regular machine maintenance and continuous supply of hygiene products

The Service Star contract provides long-term maintenance of your milking equipment and guarantees you a regular supply of hygiene products.

"This service allows us to never run out of hygiene products. Everything is scheduled in advance. The passage of the technician also and that allows everything to be done on time" says Benoît Gavel.

Service Star testimonials

“ Testimonial - FoamMAX & DipMAX udder hygiene - Gaec des 2 Rives - EN subtitles ”

BouMatic, a global solution in livestock equipment

What they liked about BouMatic was having a global answer to all of their needs.

Benoît Gavel : " Whether on the milking machine, on the pre-milking and post-milking part but also on everything related to the sorting gate, barriers, slurry management. BouMatic enables us to have a global offer on what we needed in livestock equipment. »

In three words: " It's practical, it's simple and it's comfortable! " concludes Benoît Gavel.

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