Xpressway parallel parlour provides excellent cow traffic

The Xpressway is a high quality parallel parlour for rear milking, with an exclusive patented exit reel, giving operator total control over cow traffic. The parlour features knife gates, wide entry lanes and exclusive pedestal-style sequencing gates. This parlour accommodates excellently for large herds, to milk from 12 to 15 hours a day.


  • Available in two models
    • Xpressway Classic Model:
      Along with a stainless-steel splashguard, reinforced stainless steel gutter and hot dipped galvanized steel frame, the Xpressway Classic features two horizontal galvanized steel conduits. These rugged conduits provide additional strength to the splashguard, housing for automation, and an attractive enclosure for cables and hoses.
    • Xpressway Supreme Model:
      • The Xpressway Supreme model has integrated cabinets :
      • Large, enclosed cabinets provide room for detachers, pulsation system, electrical cables and pneumatic lines.
      • Everything is tucked away, giving it an uncluttered, attractive appearance and making it easier to clean and service.
      • One-of-a-kind tapered design maximizes operator head room.
  • Exclusive pedestal-style sequencing gates 
    • The sequencing gates are triple-wall strong, using both stainless and galvanized steel.
    • Each sequencing gate features positive gate closing control and an overlapping design that eliminates short loading by allowing only one cow to enter the next available stall.
    • The overlapping gates do not touch each other, reducing noise and banging.
    • Internal stainless-steel spring for positive gate control and minimal maintenance.
  • Excellent cow traffic control with the exit reel

    Xpressway Parallel Stall Systems from BouMatic all use the patented Exit Reel to control cow traffic. The Exit Reel gently rotates to make training cows easy. It also prompts cows to exit quickly when milking ends so the next group of cows can enter immediately.

  • Solid construction

    With structural components constructed of stainless and hot-dipped galvanized steel, Xpressway Parallel Stall Systems are built to endure.

  • Built to your specifications

    With a host of innovative BouMatic equipment, your Xpressway Parallel Stall System can be equipped to make milking easier and more efficient.

  • Operator friendly

    The Xpressway Parallel Stall System is equipped with standard XpressTouch™ controls. With a touch of a single button, this six-step exit/entrance cycle takes place automatically :

    1. The Exit Reel rotates to release the cows that have just been milked, gently ushers them from the stalls, and locks in loading position.
    2. The knife entry gates open, allowing the cows to enter.
    3. The crowd gate calmly guides cows to the milking center.*
    4. The knife entry gates automatically close after the last stall is filled.*
    5. The crowd gate stops.
    6. The Exit Reel automatically indexes to custom fit all cows snugly against the combination rump shield/manure trough.
  • Custom fit to the cow

    Other stall designs attempt to index or position each cow with cage-like piping. Not the exclusive Exit Reel. Its wedge-shaped brisket beam indexes each cow with one motion of the exit reel, correctly contacting each cow’s brisket, creating a custom fit.

    Every cow, regardless of size, can be comfortably and correctly positioned so operators can safely and easily attach the milking units. The brisket beam includes positioning loops that, in conjunction with the sequencing gates, create an individual stall for each cow.

  • Designed to Last

    The Xpressway comes in galvanized steel with stainless steel cabinets. The structure is anchored to concrete. Built tough and built to last.

  • Low maintenance design
    • Fewer wear points than other stall designs.
    • Stainless steel splashguard and reinforced stainless-steel gutter.

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