Available as of now! The complete management system for the Gemini milking robot

Gemini OneView is a complete management system for the Gemini milking robot that transforms all your herd information into easy-to-use decision-making tools. While entering the main dashboard, you are given the ability to instantly monitor all your important production and cow information, in real time.

A variety of management information is provided on the spot, such as the cow fetch list, the milking attentions and your real time robot performance overview. Coloured alerts will help you to spot info that needs your immediate attention. Diagnostic screens provide users and technicians convenient access to data signals on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) allowing your ability to optimize your Gemini robot system, saving you both time and money.

It all starts with the OneView dashboard, which is a powerful and visually easy tool to interpret for monitoring your dairy farm!

Let the data talk

With OneView, you will have a continuous insight in all your actual data, allowing you to make the best possible decisions for your dairy farm.


Continuously Connected

It all starts with the OneView dashboard, which is a powerful and visually easy tool to interpret for monitoring your dairy farm!

Stay connected and monitor your milking system continuously, on any device. Work OneView into your workday schedule based on to your preferences – easy, intuitive and convenient.

Accurate data customized to your needs

You can enter all necessary cow data easily, at any time. You don’t even need to enter everything at once! OneView allows the dairyman to continue data entry where you left off so you can continue your busy schedule. Additionally, you can configure your system with all the settings that fit your farm management style: feeding curves, sorting settings, milk sampling… Once the data are entered, let the system work for you and come back to you with amazing insights!

Let’s talk with your system and beyond!

The OneView system interfaces with every possible data source available. OneView is always communicating with your database, your other software such as HerdMetrix, your PLC and with the robot system itself. Communication leads to wonderful things! With OneView, you will have a continuous insight in all your actual data, allowing you to make the best possible decisions for your dairy farm.

Also, the OneView management system can connect to third party management systems. This means you have all possible information centralized into one convenient system.

Robot performance: as if your robot could talk!

System alerts and analysis

Through the OneView management system, your robot will simply communicate its performance with you. You will receive alerts in real time, so all stakeholders will receive, acknowledge and have insight to resolve critical alerts when necessary.

OneView does not end with alerts only! OneView also analyses your robot’s performance to enable you to adapt and optimize the system to your management goals! The performance analyses includes critical information on your milking such as:

  • Milking analyses
  • Feeding analyses: to help you to implement the ideal herd feeding performance you are striving for.
Since we've started using OneView, we spend less time sifting through data and can now easily see everything on one page. For the girls, this means we can improve their visits to the robot - from a clear ration report to having the ability to set comfortable milking settings.

Heather Mitton, Coverview Farm, Canada

HERD PERFORMANCE: as if your herd could talk!

Imagine that your herd could talk to you! That is exactly what OneView will do for you. It translates all herd information into easy to take decision tools. The following important indicators are available to you:

Herd Production indicators

  • Average daily production and totals
  • Attachment scores
  • Overview of production per lactation phase

Herd Health indicators : How is my herd doing?

  • Activity measurement: the RealTime health activity monitoring informs you about the herd’s activity, eating and rumination time.

Herd traffic indicators

These indicators learn us a lot about cow health. If a cow has enough freedom of movement, she will show natural behavior, without stress.

Herd Lifetime indicators

OneView indicates and analyses both the high and the low performance cows. This allows you to quickly make more informed decisions based on the insight received from OneView.

Herd Routines

Robot visits and “not yet’s” on a herd level to indicate how routines are performing.

Herd feeding indicators

  • Feeding ratio overview.
  • Kg/feed per kg/milk: to measure and analyse efficiency of your feeding management

Cow performance: as if your cow could talk!

At BouMatic we speak cow and we take that very seriously! OneView will bring you a large range of cow performance indicators to help you manage your dairy farm to your preference.

Important cow performance indicators that OneView provides to you

Cow Production indicators

  • Individual cow performance scores
  • Teat models to analyse

Cow Health indicators: how is my cow doing?

  • Conductivity

Cow Lifetime indicators

  • System indicates and analyses the high and the low performance per cow, allowing you to make faster and better decisions.

Cow Routines

  • Visits and “not yet’s” on cow level to indicate how routines are
The farm has been able to quickly address cows that are chewing up box time and seeing cow routines we've never been able to see before. OneView is a huge win for us!

Heather Mitton, Coverview Farm, Canada

MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Run your farm the way you want

The OneView management system combines numerous management tools to run your farm according to your needs and goals. It allows you to set up the system based on your preferences and optimize where needed.

Sorting engine: flexible and smart selection

No matter which direction you desire your sort cows to be directed, the BouMatic selection engine offers almost endless possibilities which are both physically and cow data driven. With OneView, you can design numerous selection plans and configurations using various data criteria such as time, calendar, alarms, general cow information, etc.

Feeding: tune your feeding system the way you want

  • Input all your feeding rations and tables, according to the feeding management you wish to apply
  • Sort based on lactation dates, lactation number, milk production - analyse
  • Set your feeding preferences, such as feeding speed

Using sensors as tools: as if milk could talk!

OneView communicates to you about your milk quality. The sensors transfer any information you request, such as milk flow, somatic cell count, colour and conductivity. In the end, this milk quality analysis informs you on your management performance and provides insights, alerting you to adjust when needed.

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