HerdMetrix is BouMatic’s world class herd management software that manages vital management information for your cows in a user-friendly software package. HerdMetrix utilizes the most up-to-date parameters in herd and individual cow management. Efficient, intuitive data entry reduces time spent at the management computer and reduces user error.

Performance data can be summarized in customized management reports that you develop for your dairy. Management reports, together with the Combined Action List of the recent days’ management events, give you the ultimate tool for catching herd health issues before they start robbing you of your profits.

SmartDairy HerdMetrix will help you make the right management decision – quickly and efficiently.


  • User-friendly, powerful central software tool

    HerdMetrix centralizes the feeding, activity and milk harvest data and controls the sort gates. Easily record health events, breedings, and treatments, automatically schedule recurring management protocols, and track parlour performance and efficiency.


    Data works with all other major herd management software, mimics the same reports.


    Animal records give individual cow issues and attentions at a glance. Have access to all your farm data with one easy to use program.

  • Customizable

    With Report Writer, customize herd reports to focus on what information matters most to you. Customize separate reports for different employees on your farm.


    The SmartDairy HerdMetrix software tool is available for mobile devices. You have access to management reports and data entry capabilities, no matter where you are on the farm.


    Technical support is available to connect to your SmartDairy, diving right in to help you understand features better or to solve an issue. Just one call to solve all your dairy’s needs.

  • Full Farm Management Option

    The 'HerdMetrix Advanced'- option includes all of the features of HerdMetrix Base software, but with additional features many dairy operators require, like more in-depth health and reproduction data.

  • HerdMetrix Country Specific Module

    HerdMetrix Country Specific software is a module that plugs into your HerdMetrix Base or Advanced software. This module includes program reporting and functionalities specific to each country’s needs and requirements. The following countries are supported by this module: Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

  • Great for multiple farm management

    With the ability for multiple computers and no pesky master/slave necessity.