A Revolutionary New Milking Claw

BouMatic has a very strong history of engineering and product development in the dairy industry. Our history is rich in research and we continue to develop the best solutions to milk cows gently, quickly and completely.

In 1957, Lawrence Bouma, founder of BouMatic, invented the Visi Claw. It was a higher capacity claw and the first claw that allowed the milker to see the milk as it was extracted from the cow.

In 1958, Bouma developed the first electronic alternating pulsator, once again setting the standard in the dairy equipment industry.

Meanwhile as advancements were being made in genetics, feed education and herd management, milk production per cow continued to increase. By the 1980’s milk production was double what it was in the 1950’s. In 1987, BouMatic introduced the New Flo-Star claw. Unlike any conventional claw in the industry, its patented design allowed milk to flow in a smooth spiral motion along the sides of the claw, greatly reducing cross contamination and potential mastitis problems. The Flo-Star claw was named one of ‘world’s 50 most innovative Ag Products likely to make worthwhile contributions to the advancement of engineering in agriculture.’

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