Your First Choice for a Non-Iodine Teat Dip – Tough on Bacteria, Gentle on the Teat.

Tough on Bacteria

Will Tackle even the Toughest Mastitis Causing Organisms

  • Engineered versatility - the quick drying, non-sticky characteristics of this dip make it well suited for dipping or spraying applications and very effective for operations using sand bedding
  • Eco-friendly – responsibly engineered to be NPE-free and rapidly biodegradable using ingredients that are generally recognized as safe by the US FDA
  • Promotes teat health – carefully formulated with skin care moisturizers and exfoliators that promote healthy teat ends for improved resiliency against bacteria and reduction in hyperkeratosis
  • Relentless germicide – after mixing, it retains highly effective germicidal characteristics for 48 hours
  • High visibility - get rapid confirmation of dip application with highly visible blue coloring
  • 2,500ppm Chlorine Dioxide, 10% emollient