“ Robotics: Toop Family; British Columbia ”

Successful Upgrade to MR-D1

New Camera-On-The-Head Technology

The Toop Family Dairy Farm located in Chilliwack British Columbia has been operating over 140 years. The farm is currently on its 6th generation and is a landmark in its community.

Dairy farming has changed a lot over the last century. However, the Toop family has embraced many technological advancements while maintaining some of the traditions. They currently have 300 dairy cows and are using BouMatic Robotics MR-D1.

The latest upgrade with our camera-on-the-head technology is designed for real time teat tracking capabilities. The arm has a more fluid and dynamic action to help account for cow movement. This makes for much quicker and more efficient attachments. Our Gently, Quickly, Completely™ motto is an important one to us. And we are constantly making great strides in perfecting these qualities.

We have seen a great number of improvements on the Toop Farm since getting our new vision system.

We are continuing to iterate and improve our software and attachment process, so these numbers should only get better in the future. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this exciting new technology developed by BouMatic Robotics.

Pleased with Results

Devan Toop; Vice President of Toop Farms Ltd.

Devan Toop, 6th generation, is pleased with the results he has seen with BouMatic Robotics.

In September 2018, he states, ‘We have been running the new camera for 3 weeks on the 3 MR-D1 and 1 MR-S1. We have noticed that the arm movement has been more fluid. Not just a lot of x, y, z back and forth and the arm is able to track the movement for more nervous cows during attach.”

“For the smooth attach cows, we have seen our attach time drop by about 1 minute from about a 3-1/2 minute to a 2-1/2 or even a 2-minute attach time.”

“But we have been very pleasantly surprised with how well the new camera system has worked with some of the cows that have some failed attaches before. And our failed attaches and manuals have gone down dramatically, I’d say probably about 60 or 70%.

I’d highly recommend the new cameras. And I think, and they really are a wonderful piece of machinery.”

I’d highly recommend the new cameras. And I think, and they really are a wonderful piece of machinery.”

Devan Toop, Toop Family Dairy