“ BouMatic Robotics - Schoorlemmer Dairy Farm in Heeten - The Netherlands ”

Number of cows:120
Milking system:2x MR-S1 milking robot with with robot arm, fetching two cups at once
Installation year:2014
Average production:34 litres / day / cow
Milkings per day:3

Better time management and better health

In 2014, the Schoorlemmer family chose a milking robot, because their milking parlour had become too small and Jan-Willem Schoorlemmer was suffering with a back problem. What’s more, his wife had a cow allergy. They chose two MR-S1 milking robots from BouMatic Robotics because of the good selection possibilities and the milking between the hind legs. And the robots could be perfectly and simply installed in their existing barn.

Now that Jan-Willem Schoorlemmer has milking robots, the way he spends his time, both on the farm and in his private life, has changed significantly. On his farm, he now spends more time among his cows and he can pay closer attention to his problem cows. In his private life, he can be much more flexible for his family and enjoy his spare time. Since the physical labour has declined, his back problems have also disappeared.

Calm cows, increased milk production

Jan-Willem Schoorlemmer has also seen that his cows are much calmer. They enjoy their freedom and decide their own day rhythm. Thanks to this, the milk production has risen to 3 milkings per day, while preserving the very good milk quality.

Excellent pre-treatment

“An enormous benefit of this system is the separate forestrip cup,” says Jan-Willem Schoorlemmer. “The cow lets the milk down within a minute and that results in good udder health.”

We have been milking with this robot for four years now. If we had to choose again, we would certainly choose the same system.

Jan-Willem Schoorlemmer