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OwnersRita Joana Cerejeira and her 3 sons
Total number of animals360
Number of cows in production174
Average milking production32 Litres / cow / day

Rotary characteristics:

  • 32 milking points
  • A robust, durable construction for 24/7 milking
  • Approximate milking time: 5 min. (9 min./ round)
  • High performance: up to 200 cows / hour
  • Ergonomic and safe working position for the milker
  • A safety switch around the rotatingCows positioned opposite the entrance, allowing fast and quiet entrance
  • Easy udder accessSmart Security System: to stop device and re-start automatically
  • Smart Speed Control: intelligent speed management rotation
  • Optimal positioning of the milking unitFlo-Star MAX milking claws
  • Quick Start FunctionClaw-Lift / Claw-Drop function
  • SmartDairy management system
  • ViewPoint system with SmartControl Meter
  • Touch Screen
  • Selection door and 5 feeding boxes

Domingos Freitas, owner and director of Saltipaisagem Lda

"We chose this rotary because of BouMatic's good reputation in reliable and durable milking rotaries for milking around the clock. Our new rotary is very functional, runs quickly and efficiently and it increased our milk production. We are milking remarkably faster with this new rotary. Previously it took us 5 hours to milk our cows with our 20 years old milking system; today we milk in one hour!

The new management system improved our parlor efficiency and synergy between the different equipments. After a learning period, we are entering a phase where we can adapt specifities to our needs. We noticed that small details can make the difference. After a year, all our farm staff is feeling very comfortable to work in this rotary."