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“ R&E Dairy Farm (SmartLite) Testimonial ”

Mark Verhasselt farms with his brother Dale and their wives Sandy and Alyssa.

They have a 600 cow dairy farm milking with a 2x11 herringbone Germania parlor. The parlor was 28-years old and in need of some updates.

LDS, Inc. installed the SmartLites in the middle of October 2020.

Mark said they had been looking at the SmartLites for awhile and really liked the simple “cleaness” of them. The technology they offer has made it easier for them to adapt to the times.

Mark feels the SmartLites integrated into their existing parlor really well. “You couldn’t tell that it wasn’t made for the system when it was done, ” he said.

Mark also feels that the SmartLites are very accurate. And when speaking with the workers after their first time using them, the workers said how well they milked an there was no need to use the manual mode at all.
The SmartLite history reports are nice to show the milking flow between the different shifts of workers. “If we ever have a milker that is not working right we would know. We could look in the reports to see if it was doing it every time.”

Mark is really satisfied with the SmartLites. “I can’t believe how nice they work.”