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At Popefield Farm in Athy (Ireland), Ben Godall and his family are working with BouMatic robots for 1 year. Today they are very satisfied of their robot and especially the new "OneView" management system.



MR-S2 & MR-D2 milking robots

FarmPopefield Farm
Herd size100
Number of milkings per day2.7

Average milk yield

28 kg/day

Specificity of the farm

The dairy herd is completely housed all year round and fed on a grass/grass silage based system.

Why choosing BouMatic?

One big advantage of BouMatic milking robots is the milk through the back legs.
Besides, you have the opportunity of supply a complete unit in either single or double box variants.

The farmers really likes the new operating system "OneView" which has been installed around 2 months ago. This new software has "all the day to day information in one place whether that be 'Smart Phone', 'Tablet' or 'PC' this information is easy to understand and simple to operate".