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The EARL de Fontenay has been a BouMatic partner since 2012. For several years now, they have been part of the Service-Star programme. Discover the advantages and time savings that this maintenance service provides in the daily management of their operations.

Farm Information

Herringbone parlour - Xpressway 2x10

FarmersEARL de Fontenay
Herd size
BreedPrim'Holstein & Normande
Number of milkings per day
Average milk production
8500 kg
Service-Star Program
Liners/ Detergents/ Udder care
The liners calendar helps us to change them in time and prevent mastitis.

Aline - EARL de Fontenay

Why did you choose the Service-Star programme?

Aline (EARL de Fontenay) : "I sign very few contracts, but I have a relationship of trust with the dealer and Pierre-André, our Sani-Star partner. We had no fears because the contract is very clear. Everything is written in it: the number of cans, liners, etc. There is no ambiguity."

What are the advantages of Service-Star?

Aline: "What I like about the contract is that the prices are frozen for 3 years. Since they are guaranteed, it's one less worry for 3 years. The price is worth paying because the quality is there. Paying 2€ less per litre and get something that doesn’t work would be useless!

Also, the liners calendar helps us to change them in time and prevent mastitis. Having them in place longer and face mastitis would be useless.

Regarding the budget, the big advantage of Service-Star is that it allows you to budget the cost of milking over several years. And it’s guaranteed!

We use quality products; BlueMAX Premium foam and after-milking BlueMAX Barrier. It is important to know that we are in raw milk production, we have no right to make mistakes.

Finally, since everything is BouMatic, there is a better monitoring of the machine. Pierre-André (Sani-Star partner) comes up regularly ; if there's a little problem, there's a very good follow-up."

The opinion of Pierre-André, our Sani-Star agent

Pierre-André: " One of the advantages of the Service-Star program is anticipation. I will manage deliveries so that there will never be a shortage of products. If there is a problem, we are very responsive.

Expenses for hygiene, maintenance and liners are smoothed over the duration of the contract. As the invoice amount is large, treasury is easier to manage. In addition, the dairy operator will benefit from a discount on his contract. We sell them quality products at a better price."