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The GAEC Le Jadet has trusted BouMatic for 15 years already. They opted for the Service-Star maintenance program several years ago. Find out how this program reduces their mental workload in the day-to-day management of their operation.

Farm Information

Herringbone milking parlour - GT2 2x16

FarmersGAEC Le Jadet
Herd size
Number of milkings per day

Average milk production

8000 kg

Service-Star Pro Contract

Machine maintenance/ Liners/ Detergents/ Udder care
GAEC Le Jadet
GAEC Le Jadet
It should be called: Tranquillity Service!

Hervé, GAEC Le Jadet

Why did you choose the Service-Star program?

Hervé: "Thanks to Service-Star, we are less worried. It’s one less thing to worry about. Our Sani-Star partner, Sébastien, and the technicians come as if it were their own home, and they are truly in charge of all aspects (machine maintenance, care, detergents and liners). We don’t have time to think about that. I just go into the milking parlour, turn it on and milk, and I’m done! The other day they were in the yard, changing the liners. I wouldn’t have done it, I would have had a mastitis problem and would have realised it too late! It should be called: Tranquillity Service !"

What are the advantages of the Service-Star ?

Hervé: "The advantage is that the payment is spread out (monthly). It doesn’t change so I know what I have to pay for the next 6 years.

At the beginning, we had 3 contracts. Each year, the amount to pay was different. Then we smoothed the maintenance cost over the duration of the contract in months. That’s better, because you pay the same thing every month. Smoothing is the best solution if we don’t want to get worried!

Thanks to Service-Star, I know that my machine is perfectly in order. They know what to do better than I do."