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Following the success of a first double box robot in 2015, Valérie and Eric, associated at GAEC Grad, acquired a single Gemini box robot in 2020. Discover their testimonial.


Farm Information

Single and double box milking robots

Herd size110
Average milk yield
1300 000L/année

“ Gaec Grad - Gemini: a robot at the forefront of technology for better working and living comfort! ”

Why choosing for a BouMatic robot?

GAEC Grad opted for Gemini for its many advantages:

  • the pit, accessibility to the udder, the machine room for the treatment and tarring of cows.
  • the double attachment, the vacuum line, the numerous data provided by the OneView management system on the milking and activity of each cow
  • the Gemini is a compact robot, easy to install

"When we deliver the robot to you, we put it all down, plug it in and go" - Eric Grad.

OneView, a complete management system

Thanks to Gemini OneView:

  • they can follow the evolution of the daily lactation of the cows at any time of the day
  • they can monitor their cow's heat throughout the day
  • they adjust the ration of the cows according to their production and feeding cycle
  • they can follow the conductivity of cows very closely
"This gives us a very quick clue as to whether a cow has mastitis or not. Even before the first physical symptoms," says Valérie.

Better comfort of life thanks to the robot

Finally, the robot offers farmers many personal benefits: time saving, working comfort and less physical work.

"We decided to robotize milking in 2015 first of all to have better working comfort, an a better quality of life too, of course. And above all, to enable one of us to manage the farm alone occasionnaly."

The advantage of the BouMatic robot is that it is constantly evolving. It is always equipped with the lates technology.

Valérie Krantz