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How long have you been BouMatic customers?

2003, since finishing the building. It was still a Gascoigne Melotte, we had a 1x10. We have a BouMatic rotary parlour since May 2015.

Why did you choose a SERVICE-STAR contract?

For the discounts (smile) but also to be sure that maintenance is carried out correctly and in good time. The dealership knows when we have to change the liners for example, plan the maintenance, ... They come and they take care of it. No need for us to think about it.

Does this improve the tracking by the dealership?

Yes, they come by on a regular basis. We know that we have all we need in terms of detergents, dip products, for example. Paul (dealer employee) visits us at the farm every 6 weeks and we trust him completely.

Why choose a SERVICE-STAR PRO contract (including maintenance of parts, liners and delivery of detergents and dip products)?

That way, we have everything! You might as well take the whole package! It gives us peace of mind, we know that everything is done.

For example: liners, it's important to change them, but if we're not told when to replace them, we never do it. Or, we do it every year and/or we don’t get round to it. This system gives us a guarantee that it’s done on the right date. (The liners are changed every 8 months here).

Since concluding the SERVICE-STAR contract, do you notice a difference in the performance of your milking installation, an improvement in your results?

Yes! To give you an example, when we started the rotary parlour, our cells went up. We tried to find solutions to lower them and we managed to do so by using individual wipes, BlueMax Xtrem and OxyClean. There have been other things but I think the products have been a lot of help. (Under 100,000 cells since the implementation of the contracts two years ago).

From a financial point of view, is having a contract worth your while?

Yes, the figures speak for themselves. In our case, we’ve saved 1000 euros over one year ... Quite a sum.

Would you recommend SERVICE-STAR to other dairy farmers?

Yes, without hesitation!