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At the Gaec des Flandres in Hazebrouck (Nord, France), the STAES brothers and their parents reached their goal of milking 100 cows an hour.

This internal 24 positions rotary, set up in 2015, allows such a goal to be reached with only one milking operator (forestripping, pre-dipping, wiping) but no post-dipping. "The cows are attached to headlocks after milking and our somatic cell count runs at 150,000 for a herd producing 10,000 litres average."

  • Characteristic of the farm

A special feature of this farm is that they collect colostrum for their dairy. Farmers in the surrounding area give them buckets of frozen colostrum that the "Prospérité Fermière" then valorises.

  • Why did you choose BouMatic?

"The dealer Jean Catteau is right next door. In addition, the BouMatic Rotary has a compressed air line and I can easily empty the receiver jar, saving 10 litres per milking. I save one cow to milk and feed..."