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Pleased with Results

Chris Frizzell, Valleyville Farm

Frizzell Family farm has had BouMatic Robotics milking robots installed four years ago. Chris shares his thoughts on their milking operation since installing 2 MR-S1 and 2 MR-D2 robots.

They have seen increase in their milk production. He has seen health benefits to both the cows and himself. Noting he has even seen improved hoof health among his cows and that the herd seems less stressed. Their mastitis treatments have dropped by at least 70%.

He now manages charts and lists more than physical hands-on of the cows which takes some time to become accustomed to but once you are on to it has found it makes his life much easier. And has been able to enjoy more family activities.

They currently milk about 255 cows. Average between 3 and 3.2 cow visits per day. They have been able to fit the robots into their barn that was built in 1997. And is very pleased with how easy it was to get his cow flow in the barn that he already had.

The family has been pleased with the BouMatic Robotics dealer and the service they receive. They have not upgraded to the Dual Attach Arm technology yet but it is definitely something on his mind. The plus with BouMatic Robotics is that all of our upgrades are very easy to add at any time.

“ BouMatic Robotics: Valleyville Dairy; Prince Edward Island ”