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“ BouMatic Robotics: B.M.G. Gaudette Enterprises;Quebec (w/English subtitles) ”

Benoit Gaudette and Patrick Gaudette
Benoit Gaudette and Patrick Gaudette

Brothers Benoit and Patrick share their thoughts

Pleased with latest technology upgrades from BouMatic Robotics

Brothers, Benoit Gaudette and Patrick Gaudette are the co-owners of B.M.G. Gaudette Enterprises.

The Gaudette family farm is home to one MR-D1 and one MR-S1 BouMatic Robotics milking robots. They also have a poultry operation and do cash cropping.

Currently they are milking 100 cows in two different barns. They purchased their MR-S1 robot in 2015 and added the MR-D1 in 2018. And with recent construction the barn with the MR-D1 will allow them to accommodate another 50 stalls from the 50 it currently milks.

One primary factor in choosing to purchase a BouMatic Robotics robot in 2015 was they were aware of new technology that was soon to be released. They understood that BouMatic would allow them to update the robot with every new step in its life.

Most recently they received the dual attachment technology with the 3D camera. The failed attachments immediately dropped down from 3.5% to a 1.5% failure rate.

“With the new double grabber upgrade we save 25-30 seconds per cow on attachment time. There is no doubt that milk production and milk quality will follow. The full extent of the improvements is still to be seen as its been to recently since the update was done to feel the full impact of how it has helped.”

“In 2015 our decision to go with BouMatic robots revolved around its ability to be upgraded continuously without having to buy a whole new robot. With the pace of technology, we find it really helpful to have this option available to us. The freedom of choice we have to choose to opt in or out of the upgrades that come depending on the specific pressures unique to each farm.”

Another factor to their buying decision was their dealer. The relationship the brothers have with the dealer and the technicians is excellent. “Whenever it came to listen to feedback or bouncing ideas back and forth with our dealer, they always do their best to modify what needs to be addressed if it’s worth doing. With the last upgrade we got we are confident that we picked the right robot and it will continue to perform even better.”

“We have a lot to look forward to with all the changes that BouMatic has coming. Our ability to adapt is a strength especially considering how quickly the market can change. We find this really ideal because the technology changes so fast. Even if some days are better than others, we don’t regret our choice in robot. We are optimistic because at the end of the day we find that it really works well."

Special Note:

Here is a link to the Leblanc Robotique website that has a testimonial from the Gaudette's from February 15, 2016 describing their impressions on their new MR-S1.

Dual Attachment with 3D camera
Dual Attachment with 3D camera
We have a lot to look forward to with all the changes that BouMatic has coming.

Benoit Gaudette