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Xpedia 360IX 24+4 rotary with SmartDairy automation and equipped with in-parlour feeding system, SmartControlMeters with TouchPoint, SmartEIDidentification system, Flo-Star MAX claws, AirStar DSL vacuum pump with variable speed drive, BouMatic Plate Cooler, Guardian Supreme washer, stainless steel jetters, stainless steel air cylinder detachers.

Family business

Marielle Lenferink, is the eldest Lenferink daughter. She took over the lead role in the family business from her father. Marielle got acquainted with the BouMatic milking philosopy and quality during her internship in a BouMatic parlour where she milked with the BouMatic claw.

The experience I had with BouMatic during my internship settled the matter for me when we had to invest in a new parlour system in our own company. We also chose BouMatic because of its toughness, reliability and the stainless steel. I feel fortunate every day that we chose BouMatic!

Marielle Lenferink