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Meeting with the Ceustermans Family

The Ceustermans family in Lommel (Belgium) has chosen a BouMatic XpressWay 3.0 2x20 for milking their 400 cows.

It was an easy choice for them, because this milking machine has proven itself for more than 20 years!

Their main arguments? The reliability and durability of the material!

Discover their testimonial video now!

Good overview in a sustainable milking parlor

A stone's throw from the village of Lommel, in Belgium, Peter and Elien Ceustermans milk 400 cows in a 2x20 XpressWay 3.0 milking parlour. “We wanted to keep a good overview during milking, which is why we opted for a side-by-side milking parlour,” explains Peter Ceustermans.

A good overview is one thing, but solid, robust and durable milking technology is another. “Due to the use of stainless steel and the low use of plastic. With these durable materials, we can keep going for years to come,” says Peter. Although durability and reliable milking technology are of paramount importance to the Ceustermans family, the comfort of the milkers has also been taken into account. Elien: “We thought for a long time about the need for a movable floor. We finally opted for it and I'm very happy about it. Because if we hadn't had this floor, we would have already lost two milkers."

Work ergonomically

“The milking parlor is very good,” continues Peter. “It is very ergonomic to work with this floor. We have a lot of light and fresh air in the barn. It is not only a delight for the eye, but also for the farmer.” One of the handy features is a large touchscreen that can be seen from all over the parlour. The milkers can keep a close eye on the milking process on that screen. Attention cows are indicated with a color system.

Father and daughter Ceustermans are a well-attuned duo. Peter's experience on the one hand, and Elien's drive on the other. “And we both try to constantly refresh our knowledge by means of training. Innovating, renewing and applying new techniques. I think those are great combinations”, concludes Peter. A result of the constant desire to innovate is the XpressWay, which has been running for a year now.

There is peace in the milking parlour. The sound volume is low and the 400 cows walk into the barn through the sliding gate problem. A special feature of the barn is the patented turnstile, the Exit Reel, which guides the cows back into the barn quickly and easily after milking.

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“ Ceustermans (BE) : Ergonomic working in a side-by-side parlour ”