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OwnersAlois and Berylla Lerchner
Herd size
Cow race
Fleckvieh / Holstein
Average milking production
650 Liters/day
Number of milkings per day

Milking system Characteristics

1x8 Formule 1 Parallel milking system

  • 8 milking points
  • SmartMeter detacher
  • TouchPoint: SmartDairy in-parlour display and keypad for controlling milking and management procedures
  • AirStar DSL vacuum pump: durable and long-lasting vacuum pump, providing a stable, reliable and efficient vacuum level
  • Guardian pipeline washer: automatically controls the washing of clean-in-place (CIP) milking systems
  • Flo-Star MAX milking claws
  • HI-Flo Evolution pulsator for an efficient and reliable operation and complete milking
  • SmartDairy management system
1x8 Formule 1, Parallel Milking System - Lerchner Dairy Farm
1x8 Formule 1, Parallel Milking System - Lerchner Dairy Farm

BouMatic's superior milking technology convinced us

"We were looking for a technological strong milking system to fit into a relatively small place. We compared several systems of different brands and finally it was BouMatic's superior milking technology that conviced us," explains Alois Lerchner. "With this one sided milking parlour, we have used the available space very efficiently with proportionally a lot of milking points for such a small space. This was the ideal solution for our farm and the way we wish to continue our business into the future." he continues.

"Besides the infrastructural advantages, we are also convinced that the system offers an optimal cow comfort. Everything is nearby. On top of that we love to milk with the very light Flo-Star MAX milking claw."

"Since we milk with our new BouMatic F1 milking system, we spend less time in the milking parlour. Our parlour labour time has been reduced to two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening and that is a nice advantage for our professional and private life."

Bio Farming, cheese and butter

Beryla Lerchner explains: "We run a bio farm. In summer, our cows graze on the mountain pasture and in winter, the hut is used as a ski lodge."

"Every two days we process 200 liters of milk into cheese and butter", she continues

St. Margarethen in Austria
St. Margarethen in Austria