Keeping parlor equipment clean is a breeze with BouMatic’s Tru-Blu family of manual detergents and cleaners.

Tru-Blu Sparkle™

Concentrated Liquid Detergent and General Purpose Cleaner

• High sudsing

• Rapidly penetrates and removes fat and protein soils

• Is not alkaline - mild on hands and safe on most surfaces

• Phosphate free

• Works well in hard water and leaves equipment clean and shiny

Tru-Blu Team Chlor™

Chlorinated, High Foaming Powder Manual Detergent

• General purpose cleaner

• Use in brush washing of calf bottles, parlor utensils and fittings, etc.

• Provides superior cleaning power for penetrating and quickly removing fat and protein milk soils

• Excellent hard water tolerance

• Rinses easily to leave equipment surfaces clean and shining

• Powdered for easy storage, handling, measuring and extended shelf life

Tru-Blu Parlor Brite™

High Foaming Manual Acid

• Use in manual wash-up of dairy milking parts and utensils

• Recommended for use in wall cleaning foam systems

• Chelated to provide a cleaner rinse, soils are easily washed away and equipment is left clean and ‘brite’

• Removes mineral and milkstone buildups and other debris

• No chlorine = less aggressive on equipment

Tru-Blu Parlor Shine™

High Foaming, Chlorinated, Liquid Manual Detergent

• Designed for wall-mounted or portable foamers

• Creates a thick, clinging foam to help remove caked on dirt and soil

• Great for cleaning manure and soils and removes greasy fat buildups

• Rinses clean and spotless, excellent hard water tolerance