Maintain healthy hooves and a healthy bottom line with StepSept Hoofbath solutions.


  • StepSept™ CSE-200 – Hoofbath Enhancer
    • Effective – Employs a unique secondary germicidal formula effective against spirochete bacteria that are the causes of Hairy Hoof Warts; pH buffered to resist the neutralizing effect of organic matter 
    • Economical – Dramatically improves the effectiveness of conventional hoofbath solutions as both a preventative and treatment solution for problem herds
  • StepSept™ PB-50 – Pre-Bath Hoof Cleaner
    • Effective – Contains high levels of penetrating surfactants to loosen filth and soil encouraging it to drop before the cow enters the treatment bath
    • Economical – Extends the efficacy of your primary treatments
  • StepSept™ pH Down – Concentrated Hoof Bath Acidifier
    • Effective – Unique new technology formula keeps pH below 4 even in heavy organic soil loads
    • Economical – Can handle up to 500 cows before hoofbath change is required. Kills the bacteria that cause most common hoof diseases
  • StepSept™ FB-T100 – Concentrated Topical Hood Treatment
    • Dual-Use Disinfectant – Two-germicide pathogen killing system. Acidified Copper Sulfate combined with a unique, secondary germicide for a potent weapon
    • Economical– pH buffering helps resist the neutralizing effect of organic matter extending the life of the solution and treating more cows per gallon. Added surfactants for effective penetration