Oxy Brosse: Active oxygen-based acid disinfectant

Oxy Brosse is an active oxygen-based disinfectant for the cleaning and decontamination of milking equipment. Designed for the cleaning and sanitizing of all clusters after infected cows, this product can be used for equipment decontamination between two milking shifts and for milking robots.

Due to its active oxygen, Oxy Brosse is rapidly efficient and safe. With its quick and very efficient action against bacteria,  mould, yeast, viruses and spores, Oxy Brosse avoids all cross-contamination between animals.


  • Rapidly efficient and safe

    Rapid and very efficient action due to the active oxygen. No resistance phenomenon.

  • No cross-contamination

    Oxy Brosse is very efficient against bacteria, mould, yeast, viruses and spores. Consequently, this product avoids all cross-contamination between animals.

  • Multiple disinfection applications

    Oxy Brosse can be used for multiple disinfection applications: clusters, liners, milk lines, robots.

  • Low consumption

    Oxy Brosse is used with a low concentration. For equipment decontamination between two milking shifts, only add 20 - 30mL per litre of water in an appropriate sprayer. For milking robots, we recommend circulating Oxy Brosse at a concentration of 0.5 - 1% in water at room temperature.

  • No foaming

    During its use, Oxy Brosse does not foam.