More than just CIP cleaning! Super-concentrated formulation delivers maximum cleaning power in a minimum amount of time. Guard 100 can be used in most hard water conditions.

Super Concentrated Alkaline CIP Detergent for Hard Water

• Offers the lowest cost per wash in hard water situations

• High levels of active alkalinity for quick removal of fat deposits from the milking system

• High levels of sequestering agents make Guard 100 effective in even the toughest hardwater

• Easy to use with automatic wash controllers to limit chemical handling

• Non-foaming

• Combine with EnviroGuard® Defender or Chlor™ 125 in the detergent cycle to remove fat and protein residues

• Use with BouMatic’s elite line of programmable CIP washers

• Recommended starting dilution of 30 ml (1 oz.) to 15-34 liters (4-9 gallons) depending on water quality and soil load