The New Xtreme Milking Cluster For Your Dairy

'Xtreme' milking performance with unprecedented "Gently, Quickly, and Completely" results.

Flo-Star Xtreme is bringing a revolutionary new design to a milking claw, but with all the same enhanced performance. Receive the excellent milkability and comfort you come to expect from BouMatic.


The Flo-Star Xtreme

  • The Xtreme has a low profile with a height of only 5.2 inches, making it 1.4 inches shorter than the MAX. Perfect for small breeds and low hanging udders. Small improvements to an already great design; improved "cow-fit"; fits wide, narrow, short or long udders and uneven teat placement. Stronger than stainless steel claws, the Flo-Star Xtreme handles 7,200 lbs of direct pressure and is guaranteed against breakage for 2 years.
  • An air inlet has been designed into the claw resulting in a stable vacuum to the claw at all times. This means less bouncing of the claw and more gentle milking for teat ends. More stable flow of air out of the claw maintains vacuum stability. The milk quickly exits the claw. Even high producing cows will not flood the Xtreme.
  • The Flo-Star Xtreme is designed for straight barn and rotary use. Functionally, it is not designed for accommodation in a herringbone parlor.

The Turbo Liner Design

  • The Turbo Liners rounded shoulder design means low mouthpiece vacuum resulting in less mouthpiece congestion. The transitional shape & wall thickness "hugs" the teat for ideal placement and comfort, resulting in fewer squawks and kick-offs.
    The long-life material results in few liner changes in the parlor with liners lasting 2400 milkings.
  • The Magnum 450TL version is the choice for dairies with good to excellent cow-prep procedures. Best for claw vacuum levels 11.1-12.3 in Hg (37.5-41.6 kPa).
  • The Magnum 350TL version is the best for lower system vacuum levels 11.3-12.0 in Hg (38.2-40.6 kPa). The choice for dairies with good cow-prep procedures.

Magnum LWX00 Shell

  • Composite plastic material reduces strain upon the animal and keeps her comfortable. Weighing at only 2.8 ounces, it greatly reduces strain on the operator during long shifts vs the stainless steel shell weight of 6.5 ounces. With no restrictions or moving parts, the unit is cleaned easily and will take fewer chemicals to clean because it does not need to be filled and dumped. The shell has the right amount of texture in the finish so that it is easy to handle.
  • This shell will work on any BouMatic Magnum or Turbo liner.