It's as if the cow can talk directly to you!

A farmer would love to be able to give their cows the individual attention that they deserve. And to be honest, those details are needed to achieve optimal overall herd performance. But knowing the individual performance and health of every animal is just an unrealistic goal. Or is it?

Improved Reproduction Results

The ability to have individual data on each animal is precisely what you will get with BouMatic’s RealTime Activity System. Being able to at any time - in real time -know the health parameters of any cow within the herd is definitely achievable. You will have improved reproduction results in the following areas:

  • Less days open
  • Less hormone usage
  • Less labor to find cows in heat
  • More accuracy on target time to breed

Improvement in these areas will give dairymen the quickest return on investment.

Early Health Detection

The health monitoring data you receive can let you know of a cow needing attention days in advance rather than if you were simply waiting for the typical signs to show up visually. Imagine if your cow could let you know when she was just starting to feel a little off her feed? Well, now she can!

The eating monitoring, the rumination averages, the inactivity times…all these key indicators are ways in which you will know that she needs attention. By using these key indicators, you can quickly tune into the individual needs of each animal and keep her on her routine, preventing loss of milk or serious costly complications.

  • Treat cows with less invasive treatment options
  • Use less antibiotics
  • Have less lost milk
  • Have healthy breeder cows who will have a longer more productive life

Rumination Information

This Neck Tag measures the total time per day that an animal spends eating. When a cow has health issues such as mastitis, ketosis or acute udder infections she may decrease eating. Finding those deviations in her feeding behavior will be a signal of possible health issue to be investigated. The RealTime system can be set up to send alerts when a cow has not eaten for a specific period of time; allowing the animal’s needs to be addressed quickly.

"Early identification and treatment of sick animals may reduce the overall cost of the disease (drugs and milk production), increase the chances for a full recovery, improve animal welfare, and reduce culling, especially of fresh cows. These benefits should motivate dairy producers to work with their herd veterinarians to implement a herd health program that will successfully identify, examine and treat sick cows in the herd."

– Dairy Herd Management, June 10, 2011

Easy to Read Reports

Realtime access to heat and activity data allows optimal insemination choices for the whole herd regardless of stage or location.

"Essential Find" predicts potentially sick cows before a drop in production. Eating monitoring allows the user to manage the herd by exception while maintaining peak performance.

Using group averages of rumination and inactive time provides useful information to consultants, nutritionist, and veterinarian alike to increase the herd profitability.
Environmental effects can be maintained, so any adjustments can be made before production decreases.

Heat Detection Reports
Heat Detection Reports
Eating Monitoring
Eating Monitoring
Rumination and Inactivity
Rumination and Inactivity

It Matters!

BouMatic Heat Detection with Health Monitoring system quickly and simply gives you, and your employees, an overview of individual animals or your entire herd. The alerts show differences in the behavior of your cows. You will see all the alerts from the BouMatic RealTime Neck tag in easily understandable graphs and charts. The alerts are also easy to receive on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The BouMatic system simply provides a health snapshot of your cows on time, anytime.

For Curt Kohls, BouMatic Heat Detection is an important management tool. “not only can we monitor our herd, but we catch cows sooner with health problems before they crash and show clinical signs." Saving Curt and his family time and money.