BouMatic cannot stress enough that good and intensive pre-treatment is essential to your milking process. We recommend that you always follow the same, correct routine. This also counts for routines in robot milking. The Gemini milking robot is programmed to provide the optimal udder preparation with focus on the cow !

Before milking, each teat is individually prepared for milking using a separate liner in a dedicated pre-treatment cup. The entire pre-milking process is optimally sequenced for :

  • Teat cleaning
  • Teat-stimulation
  • Pre-milking and maximum oxytocin production for optimal milk let-down.

When preparation is complete, the milking cups are attached, and milking starts straight away.

The whole preparation process lasts 60 to 90 seconds, which is also the time a cow needs to have a good oxytocin release and a good milk let-down.

Video optimal udder preparation in a milking robot
Video optimal udder preparation in a milking robot