Lameness in Dairy Cows

Can cost dairy producers up to $300/case!

  • The second most costly problem on a dairy farm.
  • Mastitis is still the #1 reason
  • Infectious Disease
    • Hairy Heel Warts
    • Can infect the entire herd!
  • Non-Infectious
    • Bruises
    • Ulcers
    • Does not typically affect the entire herd—if caught early enough.
Cost Breakdowns
Cost Breakdowns

Causes of Lameness

  1. Poor Facility Design
  2. Cows standing too much!
  3. Poor Walking Surfaces
  4. Lack of Maintenance hoof trimming
  5. Excessive Stress on Cows
  6. Poor Nutrition
  7. Poor Hoof Hygiene
  8. Cows walking in too much manure!
  9. Lack of Protocols for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

BouMatic Solutions for Lameness, Prevention is the Key!

  • Proper Use of Footbaths and footbath products
  • Regular cleaning and replenishment of footbaths
  • Proper cleaning of all cow traffic areas
  • Regular maintenance hoof trimming

StepSept FB-T100

  • Topical Spray
  • Reduce the size and severity of hairy heel warts quickly!
  • Quickly and Easily applied with spray applicator
StepSept FB-T100
StepSept FB-T100

StepSept CSE-200

  • Footbath Chemical Enhancer
  • Reduce Footbath Costs
  • Reduce Copper/Zinc usage—Minimizes environmental impact
  • Improve Effectiveness of Footbaths
StepSept CSE-200
StepSept CSE-200

StepSept pH Down

  • Footbath Super Acidifier / Extender
  • Reduce Cost of Footbath
  • Reduces Copper / Zinc usage 50%—Minimizes environmental impact
  • Improves Effectiveness of Footbaths
  • Handles high soil loads better for a longer lasting footbath
StepSept pH Down
StepSept pH Down

Talk to your local BouMatic Dealer about how StepSept Hoofcare products can improve your dairy farm’s lameness issues and improve your bottom line!