2 Oct 2023 → 6 Oct 2023

World Dairy Expo is where the dairy industry meets. No other dairy event in the world compares. Designed for dairy producers and industry partners World Dairy Expo is a showcase for elite dairy cattle, cutting edge research and modern technologies.

Booth Excellence

Our products are designed to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare of dairy farmers around the world. From cutting-edge milking systems and milk quality management tools to advanced animal health monitoring and barn automation technologies, BouMatic offers a comprehensive suite of products to meet the evolving needs of the modern dairy industry.

Student Parlor Tours

BouMatic employees engage 3rd and 4th-grade students in an interactive and educational experience, teaching them the fundamentals of milking cows in the BouMatic parlor. Through hands-on demonstrations and age-appropriate explanations, children gain a valuable understanding of the dairy industry and the importance of sustainable farming practices. This engaging learning opportunity imparts practical knowledge and fosters an appreciation for agriculture and animal welfare.

Dealer Reception

BouMatic annually hosts a Dealer Reception during the World Dairy Expo to celebrate its dedicated dealers from across the globe. This event not only recognizes the tireless efforts and contributions of dealers from various regions but also highlights their commitment to the dairy industry. Additionally, the Dealer Reception serves as a platform to present the prestigious Years of Service Awards, acknowledging the long-standing partnerships.

Dairy Tours

BouMatic treats dealers to an unforgettable journey through the heart of Wisconsin's dairy country, during the World Dairy Expo. The tour was designed to give dealers an up-close and personal look at BouMatic's cutting-edge products, all while experiencing the rich heritage of American dairy farming.

During these tours, BouMatic takes its dealers to various dairy facilities to showcase its latest products and technologies. The first stop on the tour is Roden Dairy, where attendees get a firsthand view of the Xcalibur 360EX Rotary Parlor in action. This impressive technology showcases BouMatic's commitment to efficiency and animal well-being, setting the stage for the day's educational journey.

The tour then proceeds to the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, a state-of-the-art facility that offers an interactive and informative experience for dairy enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Here, dealers can gain a deeper understanding of the dairy industry's importance and the vital role BouMatic plays in it.

Way-Mor Dairy serves as the final destination, where BouMatic showcases its Xcalibur 90LX Parallel Parlor and the innovative MagStream Meter. This stop allows dealers to witness firsthand the precision and productivity enhancements that these BouMatic solutions bring to dairy operations.

Through these Dairy Tours, BouMatic ensures that our dealers not only see but also experience the value and innovation the company offers to the dairy industry. It's a hands-on, informative, and engaging way for dealers to understand the products and technologies they represent, fostering a stronger partnership between BouMatic and its dedicated network of dealers.