An intelligent partner to help keep your animals healthy and comfortable

The BVS vacuum robot from BouMatic, an innovative solution for automated cleaning of livestock buildings, is intended to revolutionize hygiene and comfort standards in this sector. This fully automated robot excels in slurry suction, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the herd and ultimately improved milking results.

BVS will enable to :

  • Keep animals cleaner
  • Keep cubicles cleaner
  • Decrease the working time needed for cleaning the passages between cubicles
  • Make animals more comfortable
  • Reduce the amount of liquid around the animals’ hooves and legs
  • Reduce the ammonia fumes released due to frequent passes

Outstanding vacuuming performance

How the BVS works :

  • The two arms move the slurry towards the centre.
  • The build up of slurry around the tank’s suction mouth prevents any air from getting in.
  • As the tank is depressed (vacuum pump), the slurry is vacuumed up and stored in the tank.
  • When the BVS passes over areas with slotted floors, the tank empties because there is no slurry to block the suction mouth.
  • When it arrives at its charging point, the BVS empties and the vacuum pump reverses to push the slurry out of the tank.

A machine for the long term...

The BVS is made entirely from painted stainless steel which protects it from corrosion and ensures an optimal service life.

Its rounded design allows it to turn 360°, reducing the need for ,manoeuvres when it reaches the edges of the building.

Plug and play installation

WIFI coverage throughout the building will be required before installation to ensure optimal remote access.

No parts need to be installed in the ground to guide the robot. Thanks to its laser guidance system, the BVS moves around autonomously.

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