Client Guide

BouMatic B·U·T

Activating new users

In the user area you can see all registered users grouped by their user group:

  • Boumatic Admins: BouMatic employees with the highest permissions and access to almost everything.
  • Boumatic Archivists: BouMatic employees who have only permission to upload and create folders and files in the File archive asset folder.
  • Boumatic Events and Training: BouMatic employees who have only permission to add and edit events and add and edit trainings.
  • Boumatic HR: BouMatic employees who have only permission to add and edit job offers.
  • Boumatic Promotions: BouMatic employees who have only permission to add and edit promotions.
  • Non Boumatic users: All dealers and farmers. They do not have access to the Control Panel.

Users are a lot like any other entry on the website. So editing, deleting, etc. all happen with the same UI controls.

Activating newly registered users

1. The user registers himself on the website

When a visitor registers himself on the website, he needs to fill in the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • What user type he wants to be registered as:
    • BouMatic dealer
    • BouMatic Robotics dealer
    • Farmer
  • What region he would like to have access to (eg. US and/or Europe)
  • If he wants to subscribe to the newsletter

After registration, the user receives an email that his account request is pending. A notification is also sent to that a user requires activation.

2. Checking the users permissions

A newly registered user will have a pending status in the user area. You can easily filter them out with the button on top of the page:

All newly registered users will automatically be appointed to the Non BouMatic users group. 

To check if the user's specified user type and region is correct (so a farmer wouldn't mistakingly register himself as a dealer) click his user name and go to the profile tab.

You can change the Access to regions and Has user types values to the appropriate ones. If all these settings are correct, save the user.

3. Adding a user to the correct user group

When a BouMatic employee registers him or herself, you can add this user to the correct user group by clicking the permissions tab and checkmark the correct user group. Click save afterwards.

4. Activating the user's account

A user cannot activate his account himself, that always needs to be done by an admin after validation.

Go to the user's profile page and click the gear icon in the top right. Click Activate user. When succeeded, the user will receive a notification that his account was activated and he can now log in.