Client Guide

BouMatic B·U·T


This area allows you to test, review add global SEO settings for this website. Every relevant entry has its own SEO settings on its entry page. If any info on those pages is not filled out, the global information from this area is used.

Please be carefull with these settings. We think it's important to give BouMatic Admins access to these settings, but not all of them need to be edited! The interesting parts you can use are:

  • SEOmetrics: The SEOmetrics feature in SEOmatic allows you to analyze your pages to measure the effectiveness of the SEO on them. It can be accessed in two different places, either analyzing arbitrary URLs via the Admin CP, or analyzing specific Entries/Sections via Live Preview. More info.
  • Site Meta: These are global settings for your SEO. Please only edit the ones listed below. You can find more info about what they do on the page itself.
    • Site SEO Name
    • Site SEO Title
    • Site SEO Description
    • Site SEO Keywords
    • Site SEO Image
  • Site Identity: Please only edit the fields listed below:
    • General Info
      • Entity Name
      • Alternate Entity Name
      • Entity Description
      • Entity Brand
      • Entity Telephone
      • Entity Email
    • Location Info
      • Entity Street Address
      • Entity Locality
      • Entity Region
      • Entity Postal Code
      • Entity Country
      • Entity Latitude
      • Entity Longitude
    • Organization Info
      • Organization DUNS number
      • Organization Founder
      • Organization Founding Date
      • Organization Founding Location
    • Organization Contact Points
      • Contact Points
    • Corporation Info
      • Corporation Ticker Symbol
  • Social Media: Social Media links. Presence on Google+ is very important for Google Search SEO!