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Managing content


Promotions are not directly accessible from the main website navigation. They can be reached by clicking the "all promotions" button in the products drop down or directly through a product page.

There are 3 tabs to complete a promotion entry:


  • Title (required): The name of the promotion.
  • Available in regions (required): The promotion will only be visible in the regions selected here.
  • Restrict visibility to: The promotion will only be visible to users with these permissions. If none are selected, the promotion will be visible to everyone.
  • Apply to products: The products to which the promotion applies.
  • Apply to categories: The categories and therefor all products belonging to that category to which the promotion applies.

Warning: When selecting products and/or categories, make sure you select these from the same region as the region you selected for the available in regions field or the promotions will not be visible on the website!

Quick info

When viewing the promotions page on the website, all promotions are presented in a list with some basic info shown. This tab groups all information needed to add this promotion to that list.

  • Description: A short summary of the promotion.
  • Thumbnail: A thumbnail image.

Full promotion info