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BouMatic B·U·T
Managing content


The content of the news channel will be shown on the news page (found under Main Pages). To add a news article: click + New entry.
A news article's information is grouped into 3 tabs:

Article card

When viewing the news page on the website, all news articles are presented in a list with some basic info shown. This tab groups all information needed to add this article to that list.

  • Title (required): The title of the article.
  • Restrict visibility to: The news article will only be visible to users with these permissions. If none are selected, the news article will be visible to everyone.
  • Belongs to Robotics: Toggle this on if the news article is about the Robotics division. Doing this will add the news article automatically to the Robotics page.
  • Description (required): A short summary of the news article.
  • Thumbnail: A thumbnail image.

Full article

This tab allows you to enter the entire article including images and videos. You can use our Content Builder for that.


SEO information can be added here.