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Managing content

My BouMatic

My BouMatic is the former Dealer Portal completely revised. All dealer portals (BouMatic US, Europe and Robotics) are now combined into one and extended by allowing logged in farmers to have their own sealed off content as well.

Information about products is no longer added to this section but should be added with proper restrictions to the dedicated product page!

In My BouMatic, contrary to the main navigation, you have the ability to add your own navigation structure with a maximum of 2 levels deep. Please be aware that available space on the navigation bar is limited. Try to group as many similar pages as possible and think deeply when adding new pages. Maybe similar content is already available elsewhere and should be combined.

Adding a new page is done by clicking + New entry.

  • Title: The title of the page.
  • Available in regions (required): The page will only be visible in the regions selected here.
  • Restrict visibility to: The page will only be visible to users with these permissions. If none are selected, the page will be hidden to everyone. That's a major difference with all other entries!
  • Content Builder: Click here to learn how to use the Content Builder.

Grouping pages

To group pages into a drop down, just drag and drop a page underneath another page in the entries overview. The parent page will be visible on the main navigation bar, its children will be visible in the parents drop down.

If you want to use the parent page as a container for the pages underneath and it doesn't have any content itself. Just leave the Content Builder empty. If the system detects that the page has no content, visitors will be automatically redirected to its first child page.

A page can have its own region and user permission restrictions but will always abide by its parents restrictions first.