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BouMatic B·U·T
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Technical library

The technical library is part of My BouMatic (Dealer Portal) and therefore is only accessible to logged in dealers. This page automatically lists all technical assets (in My BouMatic Extras Technical category) added to live and discontinued products. 

Assets which do not belong to a product can be added in this section. There are 2 fields:

  • Page name: This is how the page will be named in the main navigation of the website.
  • General Technical Library files: Click + File to add an asset. These fields come up:
    • Available in regions (required): The asset will only be available in the regions selected here.
    • Restrict visibility to (required): The asset will only be available to users with these permissions. If none are selected, the asset will only be available to everyone.
    • Category: Select a technical subcategory. This defines what type of information the asset has.
    • File label (required): This is the name of the group of files that a website visitor will see.
    • File availability list: Click + Add a row to add a file translation. The following fields will become available to you:
      • Add an asset (required): This is the actual asset you would like to upload to the website.
      • File language (required): This is the language the asset is translated to. Attention: languages need to be unique for every single file group.
      Add every translated asset of the same file by adding more rows.