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BouMatic B·U·T
Managing content

Filtering and modifying entries

Most entries on the website have a region restriction. Content publishers from all regions can publish or edit entries not restricted to their region. As most admins will only want to make changes to entries belonging to their own region, we included a filter system on sections where a region restriction applies.

This filtering system is available for sections:

  • Events
  • Jobs
  • News
  • Promotions
  • My Boumatic
  • Products

Region filter

For all sections but products, you can only filter on region and it looks like this:

Select your region of choice and click filter. Only the entries linked to your selected region will be visible in the entries overview. Click show all to reset the filters.

Products filter

For products, the filter is more comprehensive. You can filter on:

  • Region
  • Product type (eg. Products or Maintenance)
  • Main category (eg. Stalls)
  • Sub category (eg. Rotaries)

You can make a selection at every stage (so it's not needed to make a selection from every drop down) and click filter. Region selections will be remembered while switching pages in the Control Panel.

Entry search

On top of every entry overview page you'll find a fuzzy-search search box. Just enter part of the title of the entry (eg. the product name) and the list will be filtered automatically.

Modifying an existing entry

Just click on the entry in the entries overview list and the entry editor window will open. It looks exactly the same as adding a new entry.